Time is one of the most valuable commodities. You being here can help tremendously. If you have one day a week or only one day a month to share it can make a LOT of difference. What ever of your time you can give means that many more animals will be saved and united with a loving family. 

The Rescue House ALWAYS need volunteers to help us with all kinds of things, so you can basically tell us what you would like to do! Our organization presently operates in San Diego County.

Areas where help is needed:

Foster Care - you can welcome these special animals into your home and know that we will take care of the adoption. In the meantime, you get to love and enjoy them.

Adoption Center Visits - we need people to visit and care for the cats and kittens in our Adoption Centers on a regularly scheduled basis. Here you can ensure the cats are comfortable and well-cared for while spending time loving them, feeding them, playing with them, etc.

Kitty Transportation - help us transport kitties from vets to adoption centers, between adoption centers, etc. This is a help as-needed basis. We would like to add you to our list of those we call when we are looking for someone who is free and can help when a cat needs to get from here to there.

Adoption Fairs - we need people to help us during our Adoption Fair weekends, which we have every 2 months or so. There are many ways in which you can assist - set-up, kitty transport, feeding and cleaning, introducing people to our special kitties during the fair, tear down, etc.

Fundraising & Public Relations - talking to people and businesses that might be able to donate funds to The Rescue House or spread the word, and helping to plan special fundraising events.

Phone calls - from time to time we need people to help us with phone calls. This might include things like checking voice messages or doing follow-up calling after adoptions.

Being a Rescue House volunteer is hard work, REALLY fun, and super rewarding.  If you love cats, you will love this!

=^..^=   =^..^=  =^..^=  =^..^=  =^..^= 

Decided you'd like to help?

Print out the Volunteer Application and Liability Release Form.  Sign and FAX the application to (760) 269-3518.
After we receive your application, our Volunteer Coordinator will calll you to explain the next steps so that you can get started helping our furry friends.

Thank you for your interest and compassion.

=^..^=   =^..^=  =^..^=  =^..^=  =^..^=

For More Information
Voice mail (760) 591-1211
Email: volunteer@rescuehouse.org
Or just regular Mail to:
The Rescue House
P.O. Box 231336
Encinitas, CA 92023

We are a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.