Our Kitties with Special Needs

Welcome to The Rescue House Adoption Gallery for cats that need special consideration. No cat is turned away by The Rescue House, or euthanized, because it has a handicap or just requires a little extra care, health-wise. We at The Rescue House believe that every cat has a perfect home waiting for it. Though these cats may have special needs, they have a lifetime of love and companionship to give, and a lifetime of love and companionship they deserve. The cats shown here are ready for their forever home. Some are in an Adoption Center and others are in Foster care. Their present location and their unique considerations are in their stories. Click on the kitty's name or picture to see a larger picture and story of each kitty.

Souci: born approx June 2001, spayed female, short hair, torti tabby mix (2791)
Leo: born 1993, neutered male, medium hair, silver tabby (1676)
Mandy: born approx 1994-95, spayed female, short hair, Patchwork Calico (3250)
Charlie: born 2002, neutered male, short hair black & white tuxedo (2855) Tail-less
Mr. Boots: Born approx. 2001, Male-neutered, Tabby with white, short hair (#5002) FIV+
Oliver: Born 1997, neutered male, medium hair, black (4764) FIV+

Our Golden Citizens

Moe: born 1992, neutered male, black, (4021) Must be adopted with Sterling.
Ginger: born 1994, spayed female, medium hair, torti (2285)
Amelia: born 1996, spayed female, short hair, black & white, (4849)
Hershey: born 1995, spayed female, short hair, black & white Tuxedo (3167)
Oliver: Born 1997, neutered male, medium hair, black (4764)
Speedo: born 1995, neutered male, short hair, tabby (4772)
Bashi: born: 1995, spayed female, short hair, Calico, Japanese Bobtail (4921)
Terry: born 1996, neutered male, long hair, orange &  white tabby (4888)

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We do our best to keep this website updated weekly, but please understand that it is possible that any of these kitties may be adopted in between updates.

For a complete list of all the cats and kittens presently available for adoption, please visit the Cats Available for Adoption page.

If you have a question about a specific cat, please contact us at WEBCAT@rescuehouse.org or (760) 591-1211


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