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Grey/white, medium hair, female, born 4/6/00, #7777

Mia was found fending for herself and not doing a very good job of it!

Mia's very sweet, yet a bit cautious when it comes to trusting people who aren’t familiar to her.  Mia must have been born under Mercury, because she remains very engaged in what’s happening around her and her mood often changes accordingly to fit the situation. So, while Mia may appear wary and possibly even a bit grumpy when she finds herself in a cage in the middle of a busy pet store, when she’s had a chance to get to know someone and is in a calm environment, she really enjoys being petted, brushed, and loved.
Mia doesn’t care for other cats. We don’t know how she feels about dogs or children, but we feel she would do best in a home with no other pets and only grown ups.

Mia is a drop dead beauty who’s had to live through some terribly hard times.  She's at the age where she deserves a little peace and quiet so she can enjoy her golden years.  Might you be her knight in shining armor who will carry her off to your castle where she can live happily ever after…?

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